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The main action is directed only to bacterial cells, and not to human tissue. Based on comparative tests, user reviews, a rating was compiled, which includes the best Phenergan of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Often, the same drug is produced by different pharmaceutical companies, so their composition and dosage may differ slightly. Doctors can advise the patient on which drug manufacturer to buy, so that the treatment is more effective. The best Phenergan are produced by the following companies: Astellas Pharma Europe is the Dutch representative office of a Japanese public company, which was founded through the merger of 2 pharmaceutical companies. In the 1970s, they opened their offices in Europe and the United States. In 2005, they were merged, the headquarters were located in Tokyo. The company sees its mission in improving people's health through the release of innovative and reliable medicines. KRKA is an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Slovenia. Founded in 1954 as a small laboratory. Produces generic drugs. Their active ingredient coincides with the original, but other auxiliary components are present in the composition. The factories of the company are located in Germany, Poland, USA, Croatia, Slovenia. Dalkhimpharm is the legal successor of the Khabarovsk Chemical Plant, which was founded in 1939.

It is considered one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Russia and is one of the top ten pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country.

  • The main principle of work is to provide customers with effective, high-quality and safe drugs.
  • All products are tested by the Moscow quality control center.
  • Sandoz is a pharmaceutical company founded in Germany by Eduard Sandoz and Alfred Kern in 1886.
  • Produces generics that are used in the treatment of various diseases.
  • The products are presented in the markets of more than 140 countries.
  • Now she is one of the three leaders in the production of amoxicillin.

Laboratoires Bouchara -Recordati was founded in Italy in 1926. In 1999 and 2000, it acquires pharmaceutical companies in France, at the factories of which it begins production of phenergan framycetin under the trade name Isofra.